Ms. Azeeza Aziz Khan

Director of the Board


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Upon completion of Bachelors in Economics and Business from University College London in the UK, Ms Khan joined Summit group and engaged herself in training with the company’s various ventures focusing on the financial aspects allowing her to implement skills gathered from her educational background. She has also involved herself deeply in the group’s CSR initiatives which she believes should be an integral part of developing business ethics.

To further prepare herself for the challenges ahead she is also pursuing an accreditation as a Chartered Accountant and has completed her practical working experience with Rahman Rahman Huq KPMG Bangladesh.

Miss Khan has also done a training programme in private equity and wealth management with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Global investing program 2011. She has completed a Training programme with IDCOL in project finance and General Electric Leadership, innovation and strategy programme from Kuala Lampur.

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